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We’re running bootcamps most weekend in December in Burley Park.
Dates: 2nd Dec, 9th Dec, 16th Dec, 23rd Dec and 30th Dec.
Classes: there will be 3 classes each weekend. Please take a look at our group training and bootcamp page for full details on the different types of classes so you can find the right fit for you
Weather: December/January/February can be a little difficult with adverse weather and our first priority is to keep you safe so look out for last minute instructions on the social media channels in these months.
If Saturday is tricky for you because of work or family commitments, we run occasional Sunday bootcamps if demand is high enough so definitely send us a message with some dates that you would like to do a bootcamp and if we can generate enough people to make a class viable, we will do!

We really look forward to seeing you at one of the bootcamps soon!

Coming up in January

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Coming up in January
We’re so excited to be launching our first ‘Find the Fun’ fitness course. This is a four week course, starting in mid-January, specifically for people who are looking for a different way to approach the January rush to lose weight. If you have always rushed off to a slimming club, started a diet, joined a gym and promised yourself that this year will be different, that this year is the year you’ll finally get fit and lose weight, but by mid February, life has got in the way and that annual gym membership has gone to waste, then it’s time for a new approach. This four week course will help you break this cycle and teach you how to have fun with your journey back to fitness again. If you’re having fun, you’re going to stick at it for longer and it’ll help you get fitter and healthier.

The course is just £20 for 4 weeks and the group size will be limited to 8. We don’t just get you moving, we want you to understand the patterns and habits you have that keep you from doing and enjoying being more active. Its only when you understand behaviours that you can work at changing them. This level 1 course is focussed on learning to have fun outside again, as a pace that suits you, and understanding what’s been holding you back. You’ll be in a group with people like you and be able to talk things through properly.

Dates will be confirmed in the next week.

Bootcamps with All Change- clients loving the new exercises to stay fit and healthy!

Bootcamp is not as beastly as you think…

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‘As someone who is new to the world of exercise, I am very grateful that I have found Teejay and her bootcamps. From the instant I met Teejay, she was incredibly welcoming and friendly, and put me right at ease. Her bootcamps are different every week and I love how creative and motivational the sessions are. You can adapt it to your level, at the same time as pushing yourself. And it’s a laugh! I cannot recommend her enough, and I always look forward to my weekly session!’ Eliza Cox – bootcamp client

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Yvonne’s story…

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At the very core of what I teach at All Change is the idea that fitness is a process not a goal. Working slowly and consistently on building fitness into your everyday life rather than focussing on weightloss, means that you enjoy all the benefits of being healthy and fit for longer periods of time. Yvonne, like many of us had been in the ‘join-a-gym-on-a-12-month-contract-but-never-go-after-the-first-month’ cycle for a decade, before finding amazing success with a little help and a fresh approach…

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corporate training provider

Corporate Training: My ‘not-so-humble’ brag…

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All Change branches into Corporate Training with great results!

So sometimes social media can be a funny thing – you want to tell people who follow you just what great results you’re getting but how do you do it without looking and sounding like a douchebag?

I don’t really know the answer to be honest but I’ve always been a relatively straightforward lass so my preference is always just to say things straight up and hope it finds the right audience without making me sound silly and if I occasionally miss the mark, hopefully I learn from it right? I’ve never been really got the subtle art of the ‘not-so-humble-brag’. So rather than trying to find a way to slip a little humble brag in here, I’m just going to shout it from the rooftops instead!

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