What is All Change All About?

Rather than focusing on dropping as many pounds as quickly as possible (only to put them on again when you run out of steam) All Change promotes real change by laying a strong foundation with healthy habits and mindsets. This changes the rules of the game- instead of fighting battle after battle- this approach changes how you feel, and weight loss becomes a happy by-product of a much more holistic lifestyle change.

To learn more about us- check out our blog; where we talk about our own personal fitness journeys, talk about healthy lifestyle habits and give you tips to get the most out of your training.

We know how hard it is to get back in shape. We know because we’ve been there too. We also know how rewarding it can be when you make that journey to fitness and how good it can make you feel when your body is fitter and healthier- which is why we are all about enjoying the fitness journey rather than the quick fix.

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All Change focuses on building a team of outdoor fun and fitness specialists – with each trainer focusing on a different area of expertise. These experts are highly qualified in their fields and excited to lead you on a personal fitness journey where you will actually have fun!

Besides our trainers- the best thing that All Change has going for it are our people. Joining us on a fitness journey from a different starting point, All Change Clients are inspiring to watch.


We want to be the ‘go-to’ choice in Yorkshire for people looking to enjoy the benefits of being healthy and fit. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a minimal level of fitness or are regularly involved, we want to be the team you’re comfortable working with to get the very best from — and for — yourself.


The team at All Change Personal Training is committed to helping every client get the most out of their fitness journey. We are committed to:

Actively Listening: to what each client ultimately wants to achieve so that they can put together the most engaging, challenging programmes.

Being consistent: demonstrating to each client, in each session, exactly what they’ve planned, how it follows on from the last session and where it links into the longer term plan.

Looking at the big picture: having a good understanding of every client’s individual circumstances to understand how focussed they will be on their journey to improved health and fitness.

Progressively pushing the limits: understanding that every client has both a perceived and an actual limit, then focusing on finding the right mix of training and the right level of effort to push past the perceived limits and find the actual limits without going beyond them and risking injury. As each client’s fitness improves, their capacity to find those limits increases. We’re committed to knowing each client well enough to keep pushing them forward.

Taking the time: communicating consistently with each client to promote the understanding that fitness is a process. It does not happen overnight. There will be ups and downs over long periods of time. There will be times when motivation is high and occasions when it will be hard to get excited about a workout. Keep a firm grasp on what the client is trying to achieve in the long term and adjust the plan to allow for ‘life’ getting in the way of best laid plans.

Being Yourself: open, honest, warm, supportive, challenging, realistic and able to have the difficult conversations where necessary. Above all be aware that while promoting health and fitness is our job and our passion, each client will have a lot of ‘life’ going on in the background so be patient, pay attention and be as flexible as possible.

"Teejay motivates and gives confidence even when you are your least motivated! At your lowest level of fitness - she knows when to stop and never pushes you past a point where you are uncomfortable. She is a pleasure, positive, vibrant and more importantly she is a real person who doesn't expect you to eat nuts and have a sole mission of a six pack"

Leanne Silverwood (Via LinkedIn)

"Teejay is a knowledgeable and passionate personal trainer. She trained me for my first half marathon, and helped me to get a result far better than I could have achieved on my own. She spent time with me to really understand my ability, commitments, ambitions and potential."

Hanna Murphy (via linkedin)