Teejay Jones Lead Trainer

TeeJay Jones

Lead Trainer

TeeJay is a dual qualified Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist who will help you find the joy of being outdoors in the fresh air while you get fitter, healthier and stronger.

Having grown up in Africa, TeeJay loves being outside in the fresh air. When she’s not in the parks training clients, she’s out on her bike in the hills around West Yorkshire or doing some open water swimming in the local dams and lakes. She thrives on finding the balance between keeping your training energetic and challenging and knowing where the limit is.

At the core of her beliefs is the idea that fitness is an ongoing process, not a goal-driven target and that you’ll enjoy the benefits of being healthier and fitter over the long term if you progressively build it into your life over a long period of time. She finds unique ways of blending her straight-talking, no-nonsense personality with real understanding and empathy and helps you look at each session as part of a longer process.


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