How an all new training plan helped Cat get focussed

Read about how an all new training program helped Cat enjoy training again

The cornerstones of a successful training program are: 1) Understanding what you want to get out of it 2) Making sure you have lots of variety so that you’re not only engaged physically, but mentally too 3) Finding the trainer who will keep asking you loads of questions and listening to what you’re saying 4) Have a training plan that fits into your life instead of having you become a slave to it. 

I’ve been working with Cat for a while and before I was even a Personal Trainer, we cycled and swam a bit together when we are getting ready for triathlons and things. She’s a hugely impressive swimmer. While I don’t always enjoy being dropped on every hill and having to watch her cycle off into the distance (pure jealousy my friends, pure jealousy! I wish I had power like that girl!), I’m always in awe of how strong she is on a bike. So, when I got the chance to work with her as her PT, I jumped at it.  

After this first phase of training, Cat is seeing some real benefits to a more focused program. I asked her to share her thoughts…

So I’ve always been into some sort of training. From swimming for a local swim team when I was younger, to being on the hockey and triathlon team at University. I’m still an active member of the running and triathlon communities. I’ve done everything from marathons and half marathons to half Ironman triathlons and what I love most about it is getting stuck into a new training program and getting myself into the best possible shape to compete.

Leeds 10km Trainnig

Making my debut as a race pacer for the Leeds 10km – hot hot hot day so the sprinklers were so welcome! 

Since falling in pregnant in 2015 and having my little boy Sonny in 2016, I’ve found it a struggle to be focused on what I’m doing. I’ve found myself just training with no real purpose or focus and for no other reason than to keep myself a little bit fit.

It was pretty frustrating though because I’ve seemed to be jumping from one thing to the next without a real plan. Earlier this year I decided that it was time to change. I was stuck in some bad habits and without a plan to follow, I was getting fitter, but not getting to the level I wanted to be. So I contacted the amazing TeeJay to see if she could help me get out of this rut. I really wanted to be in a place where I was fit enough to run a half marathon or ride a long ride or swim event with very little notice.

Sonny Trainnig

Getting my little man Sonny involved in the outdoors as early as possible. Good quality Mamma time! 

My experience of Personal Trainers in the past was that they were good at beasting me for an hour in the gym and making me suffer. But it always felt like the plan was what they felt like doing on a particular day. I definitely ached the next day. And I felt like I’d worked hard, but it didn’t fit into a broader plan and wasn’t really progressive or tailored specifically for me.

swimming Trainnig

Getting ready for triathlon

Unlike any Personal Trainer I’ve had in the past TeeJay arranged to meet me and really took the time to listen to what I needed, loads of questions and really making me think about my current training schedule. We did a couple of PT sessions where she looked at how my body was moving. She looked at how each group of muscles interacted with the others, pinpointing the areas of weakness that we could work on balancing out. She quickly picked up on bad habits (I tend to rush through every exercise as fast as I can so our mantra in sessions is now ‘Slow down’) and we are changing those now.  We discussed how to get out of the habit of just running as fast as I can a few times a week! She then formulated a program that fit into my life. Being a full time teacher and mum of a toddler, life is like a jigsaw and it all needs to fit in!


hot raceTrainnig

Yorkshire Marathon on a lovely sunny day! 

I have just completed week four and have found that I am really enjoying what I do again. I’m getting fitter and stronger but the most surprising thing is how much my perspective has completely altered. The changes initially have been small. I haven’t had an increase in training but I am now looking for quality over quantity.  TeeJay built more variety into the program so over time all the muscle imbalances will even out.

There is no way I’ll get stuck in a rut because I’m challenged to try new sessions or sports at least once a month, making my body to work in a different way. It’s also pretty important to have a mental break from my main sports. I make sure I get enough rest too. It means that I can work hard into each session because I have more energy. I couldn’t have done this without TeeJay. Now I can’t wait to race again later in the season!

Marathon Trainnig

Smiling at the end of a fun but tiring race day! 

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