Bootcamp is not as beastly as you think…

By November 22, 2017Client, Fitness

‘As someone who is new to the world of exercise, I am very grateful that I have found Teejay and her bootcamps. From the instant I met Teejay, she was incredibly welcoming and friendly, and put me right at ease. Her bootcamps are different every week and I love how creative and motivational the sessions are. You can adapt it to your level, at the same time as pushing yourself. And it’s a laugh! I cannot recommend her enough, and I always look forward to my weekly session!’ Eliza Cox – bootcamp client

Ahhhh I’m loving all the positivity coming in about the new series of Bootcamps I launched in early November to help my clients keep active through the winter. It’s good for my ego!

A lot of my clients are involved in other sports through the year from Triathlon to running, cycling, tennis, squash, mud-runs/obstacle courses and climbing. While those things are an absolute pleasure to do over spring, summer and autumn, its much harder to get yourself motivated to get out running or cycling when it’s freezing cold outside. It’s much easier to get out and get active if you’re going to a group session when you can combine strength training and fun in the fresh air.

I don’t know about you guys but my race schedules in the summer and autumn seem to get busier and busier every year, so over the winter, I get huge benefit from switching off from all that intensity and finding new ways of training. I like the intensity of training as hard as I can in every session, but that can mean a lot of training on my own  so it’s refreshing to get a bit of something different at Bootcamp. It tends to be a more social affair where you can meet new people, find new training partners and push yourself in a new ways.

Bootcamps- clients working hard in the fresh air- staying fit and healthy!

Our brave clients training in the sunshine!

Doing some strength training over the winter months at Bootcamp is a great way to set yourself up  for next season with some functional training with some strength and flexibility work

Dont just take my word for it either, my clients have had their say too!

Teejay is by far the most inspiring, motivating PT I know. She really works with you as an individual, listening to your wants and needs, and assessing what is best for you. The training sessions are such good fun too, which makes all the difference, never a dull moment with Teejay. I never thought I’d ever actually look forward to such challenges but I can’t wait for Bootcamp every week because I always come away feeling like I’ve really achieved something, which is all thanks to Teejay! Always fun and the results are very visible, very quickly’ Louise Williams – Bootcamp client

‘With the bootcamps Teejay actually makes dragging yourself out of bed on a weekend into the freezing cold an enjoyable experience. They’re a refreshing way to start the weekend.’ Louise Walton – Bootcamp Client


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