Join our Christmas Campaign: #12jollyfitdaysofchristmas

By November 29, 2017News/Events

Join our Christmas campaign #12jollyfitdaysofchristmas where we’ll challenge you to do something active every two days in December from the 2nd to the 24th. At All Change we help you build fitness gradually into your life over long period of time so that you can break the January cycle (you know that cycle where you have a really inactive, unhealthy December and run off to the gym, or to weightwatchers or slimming world in January, full of promises  that THIS year will be different…only to have fallen off the wagon again by mid February.

We’re aiming to get you moving with 12 easy days of movement in December so that January isn’t as hard. The campaign will run across all our social media channels and we’ll put up a new video every other day with a fitness challenge to complete. Once you’ve done the challenge, send us a picture or a video and tag us on the social media channels. Help your own friends and family get active too.


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