All Change Personal Training

We’ve created a range of packages to suit your needs and your budget to help you get outside and get active. TeeJay will always have a full session plan with her at each session, which you’re welcome to take it home with you, so you can get even more value in being able to repeat it on your own or with the family later in the week. Her workouts are designed to be able to be done anywhere and with minimal equipment so its easy to get the kids involved if you’re repeating the session at home.

Why do I need personal training?

We put all our energy into helping you get the most out of yourself at every session. You’ll often start a new training plan with all the very best of intentions, promising yourself that you’ll make loads of time for it, and you’ll get to the gym five or six times in the week. But without the structure and focus that working with a personal trainer can give you, it’s all too easy to do too much too soon and burn out in a few weeks. Life can get in the way of your best laid plans with work and family commitments quickly taking the place of a workout on your list of priorities and things get busy.

What are the sessions like?

Our lead trainer Teejay is full of energy and is brilliant at helping you stay focussed and finding the right level of workout for you in each session so you have fun and can feel yourself getting fitter and stronger in each session. You’ll have such a good time that the hour will fly by and you’ll really look forward to coming back in the next week. Every session will be completely different so you’ll never get bored because our lead trainer loves nothing more than letting her creative side loose when planning sessions – you never know what your session will involve, but you’ll definitely go away feeling like you’ve worked. Read what our clients have to say on our testimonials page.

What will my All Change be like?

We know how hard it is to get back in shape. We know because we’ve been there too. We also know how rewarding it can be when you make that journey to fitness and how good it can make you feel when your body is fitter and healthier.
We are all about enjoying the fitness journey rather than the quick fix. We make fitness fun and help you incorporate it into your lifestyle to help you get fit but also healthy and happy.
To learn more about us- check out our blog; where we talk about our own personal fitness journeys, talk about healthy lifestyle habits and give you tips to get the most out of your training.

Teejay is an extraordinary personal trainer - and person. She's helped me tap into new ways of thinking about fitness, as well as getting me excited about what I can do.

Natasha Joseph(Via Facebook)

Teejay has made me fall in love with exercise again.
She is just so supportive and works with you to form a team, where together you create a programme which just suits you.
Training with Teej is never boring, so far we've played tennis, swum, boxed, and thrown lots of different balls!
I can really tell the difference training with Teejay has made in such a short time. I even did HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Training and I didn't die!

Tess Hornsby Smith(Via Facebook)

I always look forward to my sessions with TeeJay. She motivates me and challenges me to get the most out of my sessions. Each session is tailored to my individual needs and the variety of the exercises is fantastic at keeping me motivated and interested. I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer.

Yvonne Mountford(Via Facebook)

When I first started training with Teejay I could only swim breaststroke. She got me swimming crawl last year and this year has supported my training to do 3 triathlons! I'm loving swimming in open water and spending more time on my bike too. I'm fitter than I was and Teejay's blend of patience and pushing has helped my self confidence no end. Her individualised training plans are meticulously and thoughtfully planned and have always stretched my abilities in a supportive way. Fab.

Sarah Farnell(Via Facebook)