All Change branches into Corporate Training with great results!

So sometimes social media can be a funny thing – you want to tell people who follow you just what great results you’re getting but how do you do it without looking and sounding like a douchebag?

I don’t really know the answer to be honest but I’ve always been a relatively straightforward lass so my preference is always just to say things straight up and hope it finds the right audience without making me sound silly and if I occasionally miss the mark, hopefully I learn from it right? I’ve never been really got the subtle art of the ‘not-so-humble-brag’. So rather than trying to find a way to slip a little humble brag in here, I’m just going to shout it from the rooftops instead!

I’ve been working as a health and fitness trainer for 18 months and I’m really proud to have built up a great reputation for helping clients get the absolute most out of every session while keeping them focused on the long-term benefits of being healthy and fit. With most of my client base having been with me for just under a year, we’re seeing some brilliant results. Clients who, 12 months ago, were doing less than 2000 steps a day are now doing between 7500-8000 a day and getting excited do 3-4 full-on workouts a week as their new ‘average week’ and seeing them enjoying all the benefits of living a more active, healthier lifestyle is hugely gratifying.

One of the most interesting areas I’m seeing the best results in, is corporate training – working with businesses around Leeds who want to show their staff some long-term commitment and care by offering them staff the opportunity to get healthier and fitter. I run weekly office-based or park-based PT sessions for a range of companies in the city, offering a mix of general PT sessions, women’s only sessions, running sessions and when we get back to some warmer weather next year, cycling clubs/training.

I started working with Leeds University about 10 months ago, offering a weekly workout for university staff in the local park and the session continues to grow in popularity. Here’s what they had to say:

‘Teejay was the perfect partner to bring on board at the University of Leeds. When we first met, I instantly knew our philosophies on how best to get people active were atunned and when she started delivering as part of our Get Out, Get Active programme I wasn’t disappointed. She is a ‘real’ person who builds strong relationships with her clients to ensure the training is personal, even when delivering to larger groups. She understands the real value of being active for wider life benefits, and has used this to particularly make an impact with our staff during their lunch breaks. A true inspiration and champion of physical activity, Teejay is not only an amazing instructor but a great partner in supporting businesses and organisations in achieving wider strategic aims through physical activity.

Emma Mackenzie-Hogg

Sport, Physical Activity and Wellbeing Manager ‘

So no – there is nothing humble about this brag! It’s a little showy-offy (technical term!) but I thought it was worth the risk of a little brag because I’m just having so much fun helping corporate teams around Leeds stay healthier and fitter. The questions is: are you doing enough to help your team get active and stay healthy? Healthy, active employees have higher workrates, less stress and less time off sick. All Change Corporate Training could be what your team needs- get in touch to discuss how I can help you help your staff!


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