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By January 16, 2017Client, Testimonials

Meet the lovely Emma! She’s been a client at All Change since late summer 2016. High energy and really hard working, Emma’s progress has been remarkable and the regular training she enjoys with me is definitely paying dividends. I checked in with her last week to see what she thinks of her training so far:

Why did I start the having sessions?

Last summer I was really aware of how unfit I had become and I’d been wanting to do some exercise but I didn’t know what to do as I hate going to the gym and much prefer to be outdoors.  I’ve suffered with my mental health on and off for years and last year was particularly bad and I’d heard so often that exercise can really help to improve low mood so I decided to give it a try.  I also have lupus which affects my joints and causes them to ache and swell and running on concrete, for example, really hurts my knees so I needed advice and guidance on what exercise would be appropriate for me given my health issues.  A colleague recommended TeeJay to me last September and I contacted her straight away as I loved the idea of having sessions in my local park that I could fit around my 9-5, Monday – Friday working week.

 What am I getting out of it?

My level of fitness was so low when I began the sessions (even TeeJay was shocked that someone of my build can be so unfit!) and I can’t believe how much my fitness improved in just three months.  I really notice a difference when I do everyday things like walk up a couple of flights of stairs as I’m no longer out of breath when I get to the top.  How much I enjoy the sessions has also really surprised me as I honestly thought I would dread them (PE was my least favourite subject at school!) but I actively look forward to them, even when it’s cold and dark!  I love that TeeJay always makes the sessions fun and that no session is ever the same.  The combination of cardio and strength training is great for me as it keeps me interested and I really feel like I get a full body work out.

 How are the sessions helping?

The sense of satisfaction I get at the end of a session when I feel that TeeJay has really pushed me is incredible.  I wasn’t convinced that exercise would have a positive effect on my mental health but it really has and I always come away from sessions feeling really uplifted.  Even one session a week has been enough to make a noticeable difference and I now see my sessions as part of my treatment for depression, someone might go and talk to a therapist but I choose to have a personal training session.   The hour I spend working out with TeeJay really sorts my head out and my family and friends have noticed an improvement in my mood and I’m definitely more productive at work the day after a session.

What would I say to anyone else thinking of doing some training?

Do it!!!  I didn’t really know what to expect and I was very nervous to begin with as I knew how unfit I was but I really didn’t need to be.  Somehow TeeJay manages to plan a workout that is both enjoyable yet challenging so I always finish my sessions with a real sense of achievement and that’s quite addictive.  Also, I would never motivate myself to do the things that TeeJay makes me do, or I’d give up when it started to get tough and that’s why I’m seeing such positive results.  Exercising with someone like TeeJay who really cares about your fitness and understands that we’re all different shapes and sizes and all have different fitness levels has been a real eye opener for me, I never knew that you could actually laugh while exercising!

Congratulations on your determined progress so far Emma, you’re an absolute delight to spend time with and it’s a real pleasure to watch you getting so fit and strong. Proud……doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel as your trainer!

If you know you need to do something about your health and fitness but don’t know where to start or if the thought of joining yet another gym fills you with a sense of dread, then please come along and see me for a session. I’ll take care to start you off at the right level and give you a completely tailored program that builds your confidence and fits in with your everyday life.


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