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Training Update…

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So, I’ve been banging on for a few months about training for a long triathlon challenge (Half Ironman Distance) and I’ve been learning some pretty interesting stuff along the way so I thought it was worth checking in with an update.

There were lots of reasons to take on a challenge like this: 1) Triathlons are fun and I always say you’re more likely to stay engaged with exercise if you’re having fun 2) I ask a lot of my clients during their sessions – I’m constantly pushing them to find new limits and I want them to see me push my own limits as well 3) I tend to do better at longer, harder events where the challenge is actually getting to the end rather than how fast you get to the end 4) I wanted a challenge that was big enough to really scare me, that I had to look at and really wonder how on earth I was going to finish so that clients would see me go through that process and start thinking about how to approach their own challenges.

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When one Marathon is not enough…

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Our very own Claire H has been at it again! Not content with one marathon, she’s went ahead and ran an ultra-marathon two weeks ago and then Manchester Marathon last weekend. At the end of the run I asked her how she was feeling and she couldn’t put it into words at the time (well not polite ones anyway), but after a few days, she was able to put her thoughts together and work out what she learned from a challenge like that.

I’m not sure what possessed me last autumn to sign up for Manchester Marathon.  For those who know me, my signing up for a marathon was not an unusual occurrence.

However, the 2017 Manchester marathon, was on 2 April.  Seven days after I was taking part in the 50K Canalathon. Yes, I would be attempting to run 26.2 miles just seven short days after I’d run 50k or approximately 31 miles.  What was I thinking?

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Tess’ story…

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So full of laughter and fun, meet Tess – a much loved client at All Change. Every single session she comes along and gives 100% effort, checking in regularly during the week to update on how she is getting on with weekly targets its brilliant to watch her go from strength to strength. Here’s a little bit of her journey so far!

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5 things I learned on my journey to fitness

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So in the last two blogs, I’d taken you through my own story and explained just how much my life has changed in the last six years. The bit of the story that I didn’t get to tell you about, was the most valuable lessons I learned over the course of this journey and all the support I had along the way that have made those changes sustainable.

Here are the five most important lessons I learned as I got fitter and healthier:

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How I Went From Obesity To Being A Personal Trainer (Part 2)

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So in the previous blog, I’d let you in to what my life was like back in 2010, the things I was struggling with and just how unhealthy and unhappy I’d become. Some of it wasn’t easy to read and crikey, it wasn’t easy to write. But…I did also say that the story ends well, so here we go, here’s part two of the story.

While I was in America, I had my ‘Aha’ moment – I thought about how much money I had wasted on a holiday that I couldn’t really enjoy. There needed to be some big changes and if I was going to make such a big effort, the focus would have to be lifestyle changes that lasted the rest of my life not just another attempt at a diet.

The trouble was though; I didn’t know where to start.

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