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Lets talk about Mental Health…and exercise

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Goodness me, wasn’t the London Marathon just brilliant yesterday? The elites are always amazing – they go faster over a full marathon that I’ve ever gone in half marathon!!! What I really like about the Marathon though, is the human stories. The people who run for the most touching reasons and raise money for some really important causes. The ‘everyman’ for whom running is not a natural thing to be enjoyed but a complete slog. This year the headline charity was the Royals project ‘Heads together’ which aims to remove the stigma around mental health by normalising the conversation.

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How to bring your New Years’ Motivation into the rest of the year

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The question of keeping yourself motivated and engaged when the January Fitness Craze ends is one of trickiest ones to answer and following on from the last blog about getting stuck in the January cycle, I’ve been asked a few times about how to keep motivated beyond February.

One of the ways I keep myself motivated (and actively encourage my clients to keep motivated) is to book a couple of big challenges every year. Challenges that take a few months of concentrated training to get ready for. In the last few years, I’ve become more interested and more passionate about Triathlon. I love that you dive into a river or a lake and swim for half an hour, get out as fast as you can, get out of your wetsuit and onto your bike for an hour and a half and then with really heavy legs, set off for a run for an hour. There is something about the challenge of having three different things to master that I absolutely love.

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Stuck in the January Cycle…

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Hands up if you recognise this cycle:

Step 1 – Overindulge at Christmas (we all do it – no judgement here!)

Step 2 – In the week between Christmas and New Year, start talking about all the things you’re going to do differently from January 1st

Step 3 –Announce multiple ‘New Year Resolutions’ often including ‘this is the year I’m going to lose x number of stone’ – Join a new gym, maybe even hire a personal trainer. Re-join some sort of diet club (slimming world/weightwatchers)

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How do you avoid those pesky Christmas Pounds?

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Late last week, I got an email asking for some advice about staying fit and healthy during the Christmas season. The client wondered if I had any ideas on how to avoid the almost inevitable Christmas pounds. You know, those extra few pounds that creep on over the couple of weeks leading up to Christmas and then the week between Christmas and New Year?

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How do you choose the right Personal Trainer for you?

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Over the last few months, I’ve been considering how quickly the fitness industry is changing from the development of the professional body REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals), to the companies that are responsible for developing and training Personal Trainers and ultimately how individual trainers work with their clients,  the range of PT’s you can choose from is huge. 

You only need to randomly select 20 trainers to follow on Twitter or Instagram to start seeing the differences in how each professional approaches things.

With so much variety to choose from, the big question is; what should you expect from your trainer? There are so many different training systems and significant variation in the types of course and how each trainer will have been trained themselves, I went back to Ben Newbould at Velocity PT where I did my own training and asked him what every trainer should have as standard if they want to help their clients progress. Here are his thoughts…

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